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 Our Services

Private Investigations


We offer a wide array of private investigative services that range from surveillance to missing persons, drug screenings, cat-fishing, and counter surveillance. As always, our investigations are strictly confidential and handled with a high degree of professionalism due to the sensitive nature of many of these situations. We are there to provide support and a resolution for our clients.

[ General Surveillance / Infidelity / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons / Background Checks / Drug Screening / Skip Tracing / Catfish / Harassment/Stalking / Counter Surveillance with Hidden Camera and GPS Detection ]


Physical Security


We offer several varieties of Physical Security.


Our Corporate Security Division provides customizable, on-site security service, suited to our clients’ unique needs. Security guards come in uniforms, blazers or plain clothes, and may be armed or unarmed, depending on client requirements. We provide a safe work environment with a friendly, service oriented approach.

Our Executive Protection Division also incorporates a professional business attire, and provides protection for specific individuals or group of individuals, both in the local area and abroad. Typically, we provide an advance scout to map out soft areas, exit routes and medical facilities. A binder is provided to the clients with maps, emergency contact telephone numbers and the routes to the closest medical facilities.

Our Tactical Division provides security when a Uniformed Security Officer is needed in order to be a deterrent. Our Uniformed Security Officers have many years of experience and are trained to diffuse rather than escalate a situation.  

[Corporate / Executive Protection / Tactical ]


Legal Services

We offer legal support in the form of Process Serving and Public Notarization's 

[ Process Server / Public Notary ]


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