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 About Us_ 

B&K Security Solutions was established in January of 2017. Our Mission was to provide a professional, upper tier security service to our clients using former military along with current and former law enforcement officers. Our on-site security service is customizable, suited to our clients’ unique needs. Security guards come in uniforms, blazers or plain clothes, and may be armed or unarmed, depending on client requirements.

We wanted a unique, more service oriented approach to security and investigations by using our Law Enforcement Officer experience to provide a professional, safe work environment, friendly atmosphere along with complete and thorough investigations that are both discrete and supportive to our clients.

Founded by Brian Lovelace

[ State of Oklahoma Licensed Private Investigator and Licensed Armed Security Guard ]




Brian Lovelace

Brian has six years of Law Enforcement Officer experience and ten years of private corporate security. Brian was a Decatur, IN City Reserve Police Officer for six years and the Security Manager for a large energy company who worked and trained directly under a former Secret Service Agent for five years and a retired FBI Agent for three years. Brian's duties at the energy company included the design and implementation of the access control system and CCTV along with the oversight of the physical security. Brian is also a licensed Private Investigator with several successful investigations in the past three years.

Managed by David Adams

[ State of Oklahoma Licensed Armed Security Guard and Intermediate Peace Officer]




David Adams

David is a former police officer with over 16 years of experience and continues to hold an intermediate Peace Officer certification. David also has advanced Peace Officer qualifications including over 1,500 hrs. of continuing education. David attained the rank of Patrol Sergeant and was part of the Active Shooter Response Team. David also conducted many hours of investigations during the course of his duties. David has spent the last six years working in the private corporate security field as a supervisor for a large energy company. David also sits on the Lexington City Counsel and is currently the acting Mayor of Lexington, OK.

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